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We are a leading information technology, consulting and business process services company.

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About Us

We are focused on delivering secure high-performance infrastructure for everyone.

Openyx is an infrastructure and services Integrator based out of Tunis and Operates across Tunisia. As an opensource and commercial solutions provider, we deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions that meet our customers’ needs.

  • Information Security
  • Virtualization
  • Automation
  • Managed Services
  • Storage & Backup
  • Cloud Services
What We Do

Open Source & Beyond.

Information Security

Benefiting from an extensive experience in the field of information security, we guarantee the integrity, confidentiality and availability of your information Systems.
We certify the integrity of the data you handle and exchange, internally, with your partners and customers.
We ensure confidentiality by providing access to the enterprise’s resources, anywhere, any time and via any terminal equipment, solely for the authorized persons.
We guarantee availability, an assurance of smooth operations and business continuity.

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We combine servers, storage, and virtualization into a single solution to make IT infrastructure easier for organizations of every size. Whether you have one IT administrator or dozens, our virtualization solutions eliminate complexity, lower costs, and free up management time.
Using an appliance-based approach to virtualization, our infrastructure solution is faster to deploy, easier to manage, and allows you to scale seamlessly as your organization grows.
Even in an emergency with the failure of hardware components or entire appliances, our solutions let you keep critical apps and your entire organization up and running.

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Automation requires an investment in time, technology, and people. We help you make the most of your investment with an enterprise automation platform that delivers agility and flexibility.
Solve problems once. Scale automation with control and insight. Collaborate across teams. Manage policy enforcement and governance. Bring the power of automation to your whole organization.

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Managed Services

We offers to companies the ability to outsource part or all of their information security activities in order to better focus on their business activities. Managed security services include:

  • Security Monitoring:
    • Centralized log management
    • Security event correlation and generation of alerts
    • Proactive threat management
    • Assistance in threats containment
    • Monitoring of critical applications
    • Implementation and monitoring of information security dashboards
  • Investigation and handling of security incidents
  • Audit and management of technical vulnerabilities (recurring service)
  • Management of security platform:
    • Operation and administration of security solutions and equipments
    • Planning and deployment of updates
    • Monitoring of security indicators

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  • Storage & Backup

    Having teamed up with the leading manufacturers in storage and backup technology, we offer reliable, effective, scalable storage and backup solutions which are fully suited to your needs.
    We ensure data availability, simplify their management, and provide effective and foolproof protection.

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    Cloud services

    After determining all your needs, our specialists will assist you in the conceptual design and implementation of a cloud through:
    On-demand and customized services
    High availability of the platform, applications, and services
    A backup and replication system for an easy data recovery
    Adjustment according to activities of the the customer and market
    Instant deployment of new resources (servers, applications, storage)

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